What's Included in a Cosmetology School Kit?

What's Included in a Cosmetology School Kit?

Students who are interested in beginning cosmetology career training and enrolled in the Paul Mitchell Sacramento beauty program at Campus, formerly known as MTI College, will start out with a full kit of styling tools. This complete beauty school kit is essential for any cosmetology supply list, ensuring all new students are well-prepared for their training. The kit is designed specifically to give students a comprehensive introduction to the different tools and products they will be using throughout their careers. Each item in the kit allows the student to get the practice necessary to train to be a professional stylist. Here are some of the essential salon tools found in the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school kit students will learn how to use professionally.

Combs, Brushes and Mannequin Heads

Each beauty school kit is thoughtfully compiled to include key cosmetology supplies for students, facilitating a wide range of styling practices. The kit includes a variety of brushes and combs that are used to style hair of various lengths and textures. For instance, the essential detangler comb is included, which is usually used on a client after the hair has been washed. The comb prevents major hair loss and keeps the hair strands from thinning. The kit also comes with cutting combs, which are used to properly separate the hair for a precise, flattering cut. The brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are used to give the hair body, reduce frizz during blow-drying, and can be used for hair color application.

As Paul Mitchell students progress through their course, they will become familiar with the use and maintenance of each item. They will also be able to practice new styling techniques on their mannequin heads. The mannequin is an important educational tool used throughout the beauty program to experiment and practice on. They will also be used for term projects.

Hot Styling Tools

Electric tools are an essential part of the cosmetologist’s arsenal. The kit includes a professional-grade blow dryer along with a flat iron and a curling iron that will last well beyond cosmetology training. These tools can become hot enough to burn, so safety for both cosmetologists and clients is very important. The safety of the customer should always be a priority, and with time, each student will feel completely comfortable using the curling irons and hair dryers like an expert.

Shears, Scissors and Clips

Regular updates to the cosmetology supply list ensure that students always have the most effective tools at their disposal. The staple of the cosmetologist’s trade, a set of shears and scissors is also included in the kit. For thinning, shaping, trimming, and major hair cutting, this set will have you covered. Expect your shears to come razor sharp inside protective cases. Sets of large and small clips are also included to help students hold back sections of hair while they are focusing on different layers of hair.

Capes and Aprons

Multiple cutting capes and a styling apron are part of the cosmetology kit, too. The capes help to keep hair off of the client, which makes for a more comfortable experience during and after the haircut. The styling apron serves as somewhat of a uniform for the cosmetology student, and it has specially designed utility pockets created to hold small styling instruments like scissors and hair clips.

Reading Material

In addition to the tools and instruments that cosmetology students will train on, the cosmetology kit contains an abundance of reading materials that will provide useful background information on Paul Mitchell products, hair styling techniques, coloring tips, and even business and money management strategies. These materials help to round out the cosmetology supplies for students, providing them with a comprehensive educational resource. Reading up on industry practices while training through hands-on application will assist the cosmetology student in becoming a knowledgeable professional.

How Much Does a Beauty School Kit Typically Cost?

A well-rounded beauty school kit is an investment in a student's future in the beauty industry. The cost of a cosmetology school kit will vary, depending on the school and what they include in the kit. In California, beauty school kits range from about $1000 to $8000. The cosmetology school kit at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus costs $3279.

Can Students Customize Their Beauty School Kits Based on Personal Preferences?

While customization can help personalize a student’s experience, a standardized cosmetology supply list helps maintain a uniform learning environment for all. This will vary from school to school. Most schools teach curriculum to the entire class so the kits need to be consistent. Contact your local cosmetology schools to find out what customizations are available to your kit.

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When students make the decision to enroll at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, in Sacramento, they are given the tools they need to adequately prepare them for a career in cosmetology and beauty.

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