Campus Support Services

Campus, formerly MTI College, continues to serve graduates beyond the classroom.

The mission of Campus, formerly MTI College, is to prepare its students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary for pursuing successful careers. The student population that Campus serves includes the community of recent high school graduates and adult learners in Northern California who demonstrate the potential to benefit from the institution's educational programs.

In support of its mission, Campus allocates the following resources:

  • Personal attention provided through a small student/faculty ratio;
  • Hands-on training with well-equipped computer application instruction labs;
  • Fast-track programs that allow students to advance at the pace that best fits their personal needs;
  • Employment-driven programs designed to meet the needs of business and industry through balanced curriculum offerings of skill, knowledge and general studies;
  • Placement assistance for graduates in program-related employment;
  • Quality accreditation and approval to ensure optimum recognition for students completing the programs.