Types of Financial Aid Available

There are several types of financial aid available to Campus, formerly MTI College students including federal loans, state and federal grants, scholarships, veteran's aid, and work-study programs.

Financial aid is money you receive to help pay for college or trade school. Almost everyone who attends college is eligible for some form of financial aid. There are different types of financial aid available, summarized below.


Grants are a type of financial aid that do not typically have to be paid back. Many federal grants are available, such as Pell Grants, and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FESOG). State grants are also available to eligible students, notably, Cal Grants and the California Chaffee Grant.



Private or non-profit organizations sometimes set up scholarships to help qualifying students with college costs. This is free money, usually awarded on basis of academic merit. Campus has a tuition waiver award which can help you pay for college.


A student loan is money you borrow to pay for college, that must be paid back with interest. Federal loans must be paid back after you graduate or leave college.


Work Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program provides jobs to undergraduate students who are paid an hourly rate at minimum wage or above. Jobs are provided on and off campus, with hourly wages paid directly to the student to help with educational expenses.

Veterans Aid

Campus, formerly MTI College, is an authorized participant in administering The GI Bill, which provides benefits to veterans, service members, and some dependents of disabled or deceased veterans pursuing an education.